Simple double, traditional style of modern style in muted tones in colors resultones … There for all tastes and prices. We know that accounts with little free time and to facilitate your work, we have prepared a complete showcase to help you choose the most comfortable for your child and the more manageable and functional stroller for you.

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Cybex, Casualplay, Concord, Romer, nurse, avent, miniland, Cosatto, beaba, plot, Quinny, asalvo, Praia, saro, interbaby , coimasa, brevi, baby home. But mostly … Extra lightweight, compact and fast Extra Extra, enabling them to both keep moving … not even to live, do not stop rolling !!!! IF YOU FIND THAT YOU Bugaboo Bee, do not run out and reserve. And if you need personalized advice you have any questions, call us at 902 550 883 info @ send us an email, we will be delighted to help. Customize your stroller, choose a color that reflects your style. Besides protecting your child from heat, wind and rain.

To inspire you, here we are our Top 5 of the best selling and we present the winter collection Tous accessories so you can customize yours! At the time of choosing, you can choose a stroller with carrycot, chassis, saddle and group 0, chassis, saddle and group 0, chassis, saddle and a hybrid between 0 and cuckoo group simply frame and saddle.

I was already angry because even though pressed to see something cheaper this woman did not agree to teach something not rondase 1000 euros. I guess it will take a commission, but of course pestle, you’d better be committing a shopping 500euros that I go shitting me in an angry family and do not buy anything at all right? Well, we see that the clerk “did not care and would rather focus on upscale customers and I had plenty.

Jogging strollers, also called Threesomes, are 3 wheels and a lightweight frame, this facilitates driving both the person driving the cart and passenger. This model of stroller is ideal for long walks careers. Fabric easily removable for washing. Art fabric to keep your car always like new.