A Cecimar Kerch-this Saturday Venezuela got its first medal at the games 2015 Pan American in a discipline that was not at odds. Paola Pérez in a hard-fought race in open water, was the recipient of the Medal of silver in the 10 km race. Starting from there, the national delegation began to appear on the podium.

Banking and inclined bench press machine, machine of shoulders, side marker and remo, sit-up bench, best dumbbells rowing, rowing with t-bar and dual leg, developed exclusively by the Klitschko brothers to McFIT press.

To work areas, ideally training sessions should be divided into routines training plans, which include a proper warm-up (based on rotation exercises joint, cardiovascular activation and stretching), as well as exercise monoarticular (known as isolation of specific muscle groups) of muscles agonists and antagonists as well as stabilizers, such as the abdomen and area muscles lower lumbar back; (an example of three sessions per week, would be: miercoles-pecho and biceps; jueves-espalda and triceps; viernes-pierna and shoulder), as well as a return to calm through a proper cooling session.

Given competitor sports technique you should model according to their individual peculiarities. Blindly copying”a prominent competitor technique can lead to irrational exploitation of the possibilities of force and, sometimes, it can become an obstacle to development and sports development. The sport of weightlifting technique has an own content, expressed in the force that is applied in different moments, here there is a different parts of the body movements speed and the speed of the movement of the bar.

leg and biceps: they separate slightly your legs until the distance between the feet exceeds the width of the hip and hold the weights on both sides with hands facing forward. They Flex is the legs until you reach a 90 ° angle, at the same time that bend the arms to the front, bringing the weights to shoulders.