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From Regus put offices available for rent to businesses, as well as offices for professionals by means of modalities also known as leasing of offices, so that they pay only for the space they use and for as long as is they use. It is an Go to www.1commercialspace for the latest guides brand new and very interesting for companies and professionals who develop their activity, more frequently outside the office that within it, at the same time that do not have to give up having an office modern and located in the center of certain cities.

The new site has a total area of 125 square meters that have been fully renovated with 2 + 2 Studio of architecture, in collaboration with the construction company Tomás Belenguer Contratista. ECOM consultants has provided experience for the technical advice during the project implementation process.

SBC Lesseps offered facilities of more than 500 m2, with 24 rental offices, meeting rooms, area Office with TV and sitting area, and a diligent reception service that will ensure that provide the best care to you and your collaborators.

SBC Tarradellas offers facilities of more than 2,500 m2, with 80 offices rental, 8 meeting rooms and a large terrace of more than 200 m2 so that you, your collaborators and visitors enjoy their times of rest in a cozy and comfortable outdoor space.