They are economic benefits granted by the autonomous community of the Region of Murcia, of periodic aimed at people affected by brim 2016 a physical, mental, sensory disability requiring certain treatments services that must be dispensed or obtained periodically.

Devices are that are prescribed to people with lack of permanent temporary autonomy, which help them to have a greater degree of autonomy in the activities of daily living and in general provides them a better quality of life.

Basic service: permanent attention 24 hours from the center of coordination of Cruz Roja. Information on locating GPS LBS devices 24 hours x 365 days. Possibility of custom configuration and monitoring of the safe areas, dangerous increase in speed as well as 35 Km/H. inquiry through SMS MMS by family members to get to know the latest location of your family. The device’s location low battery warning.

The Radars project is a network of prevention with the participation of civil society and the public administration. It aims to help older people living alone people accompanied by other older people can stay at home with the complicity of their environment. The priority is to reduce the risk of isolation and social exclusion of the elderly.

The calculation of income will be exclusively according to the monthly economic capacity of the person in a situation of dependence. For the monthly income of the person in a situation of dependence, in all cases, total annual income is added together and it will be divided between 12 months. In the case of marriage (matrimonial regime and separation of property) couples in fact attend the average of all monthly income of both.