Giants Intel and Micron chips yesterday announced the arrival of a new technology that could revolutionize the storage systems as we know them, I speak of the so-called 3D XPoint, a system of storage based on 3D layers.

At the moment, technology can only detect potholes if the vehicle passing over them, but Land Rover already has pointed out that you are adding new developments such as the introduction of a camera focusing toward the front, that could go by analyzing the way that is going to go through in order to be able to detect the bumps until they have passed over.

This advance could come over the next year, while Apple is already experiencing several similar changes through the Apple SIM, which allows you to choose the carrier for the iPad Air 2 from one physical chip.

The GSMA Association, which brings together leading operators, said that they are favourable to the adoption of technology e-SIM. In addition, there is a principle in accordance with Apple and Samsung, but still set the standard details.

The new e-SIM would make payments by NFC connect via wifi without the need to be constantly identified. Also would end with labour cut the card for bestquadcoptersite. com become a microSIM, as it happens. with Apple devices. Finally, the e-SIM help user to travel from one country to another without having to change the card.