While millions of people are starving third world, in developed countries the desire to cominbar good health by eating healthy and being able to show off an enviable figure has come to lead to a condition known as orthorexia. The World Health Organization has warned that this condition is suffered by 28% of the world population.

Once you’ve put LifePlus Diät name and have clarified what it is, and can eliminate excuses and phrases to justify this food problem. If you identify with what we are talking about it is that you must find out why you’re using food inappropriately and should learn more appropriate strategies to deal with your problem situations.

Sometimes you look too much at the super super nutrient foods, “he says, for his part, Eduardo Baladía. Fish intake moves the intake of meat, if we provide a less healthy fats. That can be as true enough. And for that, it is interesting and eat fish. ” In magazines and newspapers are countless articles that recommend the fish with more fat (blue) over white because they are high in omega-3. Baladía, meanwhile, thinks there is room for white fish, low in fat and therefore calories.

Of all the oils available, coconut oil is the best cooking oil, because it is virtually a fully saturated fat, which means it is much less susceptible to damage by heating. And coconut oil is one of the most unique and beneficial to your body fat. For more information about the many benefits of coconut oil, see this special report Olive oil, although clearly a healthy oil, is easily damaged by heat, better pour over the salad.

The EPA is very important to control any type of inflammation in the body, reduces pain and symptoms of depression. DHA is important for normal functioning of the brain, eyes and nervous system. In addition both EPA and DHA are very effective in lowering fats in our blood (triglycerides) and reduce the risk of heart attack of the brain.